Fundraiser Ideas for Animal Rescue Organizations

Hello - Do you need a few fundraiser ideas for dog or cat rescue organizations?

Here are a few. I will add more soon.

Be sure to check with your state and county tax professionals for rules and regulations. Also, events such as raffles many require gambling licenses and the participants to be of certain age.

This is my dog Lenny. He's a rescue. Spoiled. We love him!!

1. Ask one of your local car wash places to host a dog wash. Volunteers can wash the puppies (outside, not in the machines) while owners get their cars cleaned.

2. A nail trimming pop up shop. Ask you local city officials if you can set up tables in a park. Ask vet techs or grooming professionals to volunteer their time for an hour or two to trim nails. Passers-by can pay $5 or $10 (or more) to have their dog's nails trimmed.

3. Guess the pet contest at work. Have 10 to 15 employees bring in pictures of their pet. People need to match the pet to the worker by buying a game card. The card lists all the pets and a list of possible employees.

4. Yappy Hour  - this is already a popular option. Bars and restaurants host a happy hour evening and invite humans and their furbabies. Perhaps there is a special food item where all the proceeds go to the shelter, or there could be a small cover charge to enter the enter. A great idea for food trucks!

5. A pet parade - people pay to enter the event.

6. If your workplace is pet friendly, host a bring your dog/cat to work day. In order to participant. People need to buy stickers for their shirts. Kind of like some companies do for casual Friday. The sticker might say: "My dog is working today because I support _______ Rescue."

I'll keep thinking of more.

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(I have a feeling the ideas I listed above are in this book. Maybe get that one to have access to lots of ideas! ha ha)

Good luck!!


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