Good Movies for Tweens - Especially Boys

When my son was twelve and was a typical boy. He loved zombies, army guys, Legos, ninjas, etc. I love spending time with him. He makes me laugh everyday.

Every once in a while we have a family night that we call: Mega Monster Movie Night.

After supper we make a special trip to the grocery store just to buy snacks. We each pick out something we want to eat during the movies. My son likes to have lots of toppings on his ice cream. I prefer a coffee cake or gooey pastry and my husband buys chips and dip - OR - some nasty bacon flavored cheese stuff to squeeze on crackers. The bill is usually around $40! Eek! But it's all for a good cause - great family time together.

Here are a few movies we enjoy:

Aliens in the Attic

There are aliens in the attic! Need I say more?

Spaced Invaders

Aliens land on Earth due to engine trouble. While here, they plan to take over the planet. Trouble is, it just happens to be Halloween and everyone keeps trying to give them candy.


Kristen Stewart is in this one. Action, adventure, snotty older sisters, and even a couple of life lessons. It might be a little scary for younger kids.

Small Soldiers

For boys who love to play with action figures this movie is a must-have.

An all time family favorite: The Sandlot

Fun, silly, some of the one-liners in this movie are so funny... It has a nice message about friendship and not judging someone just because they're different.

Mouse Hunt

Many formats here:

Have you seen this one? So, so, so funny! Just a mad cap movie about a mouse that refuses to be caught. Nathan Lane and Lee Evans are brilliant. The sets and costumes are over the top. Christopher Walken has a small part as Caesar, the exterminator. Hilarious!

Last one - Big Fat Liar


Again - funny! Love this one. All kids wish they could play tricks on grown ups. In this movie, two kids have a very good reason to prank a rude, bossy man. It's fun to watch.

Most of these movies are under $11. These nights build great family memories. We've tried card or game night but just ended up arguing. So why force it? We're movie people.

I encourage you to start a fun family night of your own. Finding a movie that everyone can agree on and like is tough. What movies do you and your kids like to watch together?

Have fun!!

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