A Great Idea for Your Yarn Scraps

Yarn Scrap Project Ideas

Do you have a lot of 1/2 skeins, balls and bits of leftover yarn?

Want a fun, easy way to use up those scraps?

Make cat mats for local rescue groups!! Think small. Google your city or a near by smaller city and "cat rescue." The small groups really need supplies.

yarn scrap ideas

Here is a cat mat I made out of random balls of yarn. These are perfect for carriers, beds for mamas and their new liter of kitties, etc.

Fringe! No weaving in ends!! The fringe also helps use up those shorter bits of yarn. Make it colorful. Kitties like fringe.

I make them roughly 20" wide by 20" or 30" long. Sometimes I'll crochet a circle or an oval. Just whatever I'm in the mood to do.

leftover yarn

Do you have a lot of yarn in random weights? No problem!! Just combine a few strands at the same time. It makes the mat nice, thick and soft. In the picture above, the yellow was a weight of 2, the rest worsted.

This one turned out cute >>

ideas for yarn scraps

It is made with all my pink scraps of yarn. I mixed in cream and a bit of white as the second strand. Looks uniform and sweet. :-)

I add a tag on each piece with washing instructions. Every Saturday, one small cat rescue group near me has an adoption open house. I swing by about once a month and drop off cat mats.

Happy Crocheting!!


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