Crochet Baptism Blanket Pattern Free

I love making baby blankets. Christening and Baptism blankets are so pretty and fun to make.

Here is one I made recently:

free crochet baptism blanket pattern

It is a pattern referred to as Call the Midwife

Why do they call it that? because it appeared in an episode of the BBC television series Call the Midwife.

Call the Midwife

I haven't watched it yet, have you? There are many seasons - so a good binge watch option.


To find the free crochet Call the Midwife pattern, go to Little Monkeys Crochet blog. She has it posted there with lots of pictures and other interesting things. I love the way it turns out.

When I made the blanket pictured above, I used a yarn similar to Red Heart Soft Yarn in White. It is worsted weight. So a bit heavier than the yarn used by Little Monkeys.

If you do use worsted weight yarn, I  suggest you buy three skeins.  My favorite hook to use is Boye.

Thank you, Rebecca, for posting the pattern.

Happy Crocheting!


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