Gifts for Video Game Lovers that Aren't Video Games

So you are married to a gamer. Or perhaps you're dating one or your son or daughter just loves video games.

Each birthday or holiday it seems that is all they ask for - the newest version of whatever game or gaming system out.

Want some gift ideas that aren't video games??
video gamer gifts
(See the link to buy this fun t-shirt below)
Well here you go.


When buying these, look for the ones specifically for gaming. They come with a mic, are designed for long wear, etc. Here is a good option by DotStone

Do not buy inexpensive headphones, they will break quickly.

Let's say you want to go really high-end... this is a set from Sennheiser

Video Chair

First know that these come in all shapes and weight capacities. If you are buying one for a teenager, or twenty-something year old, you will have lots of options. Younger gamers can rock in these things all night long. If you want to purchase a rocker for an older gamer, you may actually want to buy them a comfortable office desk chair or recliner.

Isn't this one a funky color? But it's getting really good reviews - Lazy Gamer Chair by Merax

Older gamers may like
                a very comfortable desk chair


As you see above, there are tons of fun t-shirts out for video gamers. The one pictured at the top of this blog post can be found here - I'd Rather Be ... gaming

Find out a few of your gamer's favorite games, click over to Amazon, then search for the name. Example "Lego Batman t-shirt."

It's On Like...

donkey kong t-shirt

You can also check these websites for really cool shirts: TeeFury or TeeSpring

More ideas

Movie Box Sets


novelty items

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