Premade eBook Covers - Group 1


Thanks for looking at my premade covers. The price for each one is listed just below the image. I will work with you on placing text, text color, etc. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, just email me at Craft Brag at gmail (no spaces)

All covers are intended for ebook versions only, not print.

Coffee and Hearts ebook cover - $10

Life on Mars ebook cover - $10

All of my images come from photos sites that state they are free for commercial and personal use. If you like, I can direct you to the web page and photographer link.

Book Heart mostly black and white - $10

Do you have another font in mind? No problem! Just let me know.

Doodle - $10

Snowy Cabin - $10

Contact me with your questions - Craft Brag at gmail…

Road and Sky ebook cover - $10

Once a cover is sold, I will mark it as such AND post a link to your books page on the retail site.

Lipstick Love - $10

Be sure to look for more galleries on this website.


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