Patricia From Southern Charm Engagement Ring Size

A beautiful woman deserves a beautiful ring for her engagement, right?

Isn't the saying - the ring should cost at least two months worth of salary?

Well, well. Patricia Altschul's man must be worth a lot of money.

By the way, she and I are BFFs.

Many people are wondering how many carats is that amazing ring!?

Photo credits - Instagram @pataltschul

I contacted a jewelry store in my area and asked their thoughts. A Graduate Gemologist with 20 years of experience estimated it is a cushion cut stone approximately 25 to 30 carats.


I would be wearing a huge grin too if I had a rock like that.


I bought this ring for about $15.00. I love it. Not quite 25 to 30 carats, but, you know.

Have you seen Patricia's Book ?

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~ Jenna